AutodiscoverServiceInternalURI and AutodiscoverServiceexternalURI in Exchange 2013

When you configure your Autodiscover service, there is something called InternalURL, ExternalURL, and AutodiscoverServiceInternalURI.

You can check by running

Get-ClientAccessServer | fl AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri, AutoDiscoverServiceExternalUri

Normally this should be something like below

AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri :

AutoDiscoverServiceExternalUri :

Don’t touch the Autodiscover virtual directory for changing external and internal uri leave it as such

Actually there is no externaluri we need to specify
Internally (so when the clients are on the domain and can see the domain) they will query the domain for that value and resolve to it.

Externally the clients go through a pre-set number of URLs:

Then DNS SRV records and finally a redirect.

Therefore for Autodiscover to work correctly externally you need to have one of those URLs resolve and be on the SSL certificate – the most common method is to use as an additional URL on the UC certificate.



Sathish Veerapandian

MVP – Exchange Server

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